Lake Nona is leading the way as the country’s first city to welcome the construction of a Lilium vertiport—a travel base offering regional electric air transport.

German aviation company Lilium has developed an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. Thirty-six electric engines inside Lilium jets power their takeoff and propulsion, enabling them to fly at speeds up to 187 mph.

You Could Call Them Air Taxis

Lilium jets are not commercial airliners. They’re small—they can carry five people—and although at first, they’ll be piloted by people, eventually they’ll fly autonomously. They will connect regional cities, and the plan is for at least ten vertiports to be installed throughout Florida, each serving a radius of just under 200 miles. Costing as little as $70 per flight, the Lilium jets will provide transportation alternatives that will be safe and convenient.

Partnering to bring the vertiport project to Lake Nona are Lilium, Tavistock Development Company, and the City of Orlando.

At JP Capital Realty, we’re very excited to live and work in the middle of such an exciting place where invention and innovation are happening right in our own backyard!

An Ecofriendly Travel Solution

Until now, we have not seen a more efficient, zero-carbon air transportation system like that provided by Lilium jets. These electric craft are charged between flights and operate quietly. The takeoff and landing centers are compact and much cheaper and faster to build than high-speed rail installations.

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