Lake Nona's Stellar Sculpture Garden

Lake Nona welcomes an addition to its rich community art program with the fantastic Sculpture Garden, adjacent to the state-of-the-art Wave Hotel. This captivating outdoor space, created with discovery and exploration in mind, has been compared to high-profile landmarks in Florida’s art scene like the Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota and the Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg.

Beauty abounds in the Sculpture Garden’s 50,000 square-foot space: swaying palms and fragrant tropical plants create a delicious experience for the senses, and among them is a curated collection of internationally renowned sculptures from The Lewis Collection, one of the principal private art collections in the world. A softly winding pathway guides visitors through the garden and to masterpieces such as Eric Goulder’s Postmodern Man, Philip Jackson’s Cloister Conspiracy, and Arturo di Modica’s Charging Bull. Four pieces from local artist JEFRË are also featured in this exhibit.

This spectacular sculpture collection and thoughtfully designed garden puts Lake Nona on the map as an art destination. A carefully chosen arrangement of about 300 Florida palms pays homage to the curves of the Wave Hotel next door, and climbing vines and fragrant plants lure visitors around every bend.

Some visitors make their way through the exhibit to appreciate the sculptures, while others delight in the quiet seating areas tucked away among the foliage. The Sculpture Garden can be enjoyed at any pace. The striking garden was designed by a team of experts, including landscape architects and art curators, to create a space that art lovers and community members will want to return to, again and again.