Get Your Offer Accepted in Today’s Seller’s Market

What’s a seller’s market? In real estate, it’s where people selling their homes have the upper hand because there’s more demand for homes than there is supply. It means that there aren’t enough homes for everyone who wants to buy one, and this demand drives home prices up.

It’s the type of market we’re in now, and it’s consistent across the country.

So, if you’re a buyer, what does this mean? It means you and your realtor must be smart about your offer. Check out our tips that will boost the likelihood of getting your offer accepted.

Understand What’s Happening in Your Local Market

Look around at the homes sold recently in your area. Look at sales details and inventory levels. At JP Capital Realty, we can supply this information for you. We keep close track of what’s happening in the local market.

When you know what’s going on in the local real estate scene, you can put together an informed budget. Knowledge of the local market plus an informed budget helps you feel more confident.

Make Sure Your Offer is Squeaky Clean

Know that other buyers will submit offers for the same house that you are. Make your offer stand out by being super-clean.

What do we mean by clean? If possible, don’t make the offer contingent on the sale of another property. A clean offer is one with no contingencies that could complicate the transaction.

You might also waive the normal appraisal continency. If you do, make sure that you’ve got the cash to cover a possible gap between a lower appraised value and your higher offer. For example, you offer $360K, but the house only appraises at $350K. Your lender approves a $350K mortgage, but you’ve offered $360K, so you need to have the $10K difference available to bring to closing.

Consider offering more than the asking price. A few thousand dollars more won’t make a big difference in your monthly payments, but it could give you the necessary edge over other offers.

Can You Pay Cash?

Cash offers are always more appealing to sellers than ones that involve a lender and a loan. Paying cash simplifies the whole sales and ownership transfer process, and sellers love that.

Don’t Ask for the Adirondacks

Again, keep the offer clean. Ignore those things in the house or on the property that you’d love to have conveyed. The seller may entertain multiple super-clean offers. Your request for the backyard Adirondack chairs could be the one thing that gives a seller reason to move your offer to the back of the pile.

Get Lender Pre-Approval

A seller knows you’re serious about your offer if you come to the table with lender pre-approval.

Search and Destroy All Mistakes!

Go over your offer with a fine-tooth comb. Have you filled in all the blanks? Signed it? Included all required details?

Don’t rush to fill out the offer, even if you’re tempted. Be thorough and complete. Check it and recheck it.

The Bottom Line: Submit a Clean and Complete Offer

Your realtor will help you. If you don’t have an agent, call JP Capital Realty, the best Lake Nona realtor. We’ve helped many buyers get into the house of their dreams. We’d love to assist you, too.

Electric Mini Commuting Jets Coming to Lake Nona!

Lake Nona is leading the way as the country’s first city to welcome the construction of a Lilium vertiport—a travel base offering regional electric air transport.

German aviation company Lilium has developed an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. Thirty-six electric engines inside Lilium jets power their takeoff and propulsion, enabling them to fly at speeds up to 187 mph.

You Could Call Them Air Taxis

Lilium jets are not commercial airliners. They’re small—they can carry five people—and although at first, they’ll be piloted by people, eventually they’ll fly autonomously. They will connect regional cities, and the plan is for at least ten vertiports to be installed throughout Florida, each serving a radius of just under 200 miles. Costing as little as $70 per flight, the Lilium jets will provide transportation alternatives that will be safe and convenient.

Partnering to bring the vertiport project to Lake Nona are Lilium, Tavistock Development Company, and the City of Orlando.

At JP Capital Realty, we’re very excited to live and work in the middle of such an exciting place where invention and innovation are happening right in our own backyard!

An Ecofriendly Travel Solution

Until now, we have not seen a more efficient, zero-carbon air transportation system like that provided by Lilium jets. These electric craft are charged between flights and operate quietly. The takeoff and landing centers are compact and much cheaper and faster to build than high-speed rail installations.

Want to Live in Lake Nona?

Does hearing about progressive technologies in Lake Nona make you want to live here? We don’t blame you! At JP Capital Realty, we make it our business to help people like you find homes in Laureate Park and other fine neighborhoods around Lake Nona. Want the best Lake Nona realtor? Click here to send us an email. Or submit the form on the Contact page, or call JP at 407-962-6888.

Disney is Moving People to Lake Nona

Over the next year and a half, approximately 2000 employees of Disney will be relocating to Lake Nona from Southern California. Most of the employees work in Disney’s Parks, Experiences, and Products division and will join the significant existing workforce here in Orlando.

Almost one-third of Disney’s global total number of employees work here in Florida. Adding 2,000 more from California will further consolidate that number, and the company hopes the move will boost staff synergy and collaboration.

This is exciting news for Lake Nona! An obvious implication of the move is that more people will be looking to buy homes in the area, so there’s an impact on the real estate sector as well.

Covid and More Covid: The Impact

We don’t have to remind anyone how tough the last couple of years have been with the onslaught of the coronavirus. And just when it looked like things might get better, Covid variants arrived.

We all know how Disney theme parks, along with other parks, businesses, restaurants, and venues, shut down for weeks. Some establishments had to close permanently.

And yet many places have reopened, including Disney, and they have stayed open. October 2021 brought the beginning of Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary! Relocating Disney employees will find a recovering Lake Nona, Orlando, and Disney World with tourists returning and locals eager to get back to the magic.

What Disney’s Move Means to Relocators

Adding 2,000 more households looking for a home does have an impact. In an already tight market, with not enough houses available for the number of people looking to buy, relocating Disney employees will find the competition stiff.

Their advantage is that houses cost less here than they do in southern California so relocating staff will have more buying power if they have sold a home out west. Plus, with their salaries averaging $120,000/year, they will be looking for higher-than-average-cost homes.

What Disney’s Relocation Means for Orlando Locals

If you want to buy a home in Lake Nona, don’t wait. Relocating Disney employees are already looking and purchasing homes.

If you want to buy a home in Lake Nona, don’t despair about the tight market. At JP Capital Realty, we’ve got off-market and pocket listings all the time. In other words, there are more houses for sale than are publicly listed.

If you want to buy a home in Lake Nona, get expert realtors on your side. JP Capital Realty has a successful track record of helping people buy and sell homes in Lake Nona and surrounding areas. We’ve been at this for over a decade, and we’ll help you find the perfect home!

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